Monday, 28 January 2013


As I think I’ve mentioned before, there have only been two times in my near decade on the air that I’ve been hung up on by a guest.  Two times.  The first happened in a debate with then-president of American Atheists, Ellen Johnson.  She hung up on me after touting her Masters Degree in the religious opinions of Thomas Jefferson (who knew you could get a Masters Degree in such a field?) and I began challenging her with actual quotes of the Founding Fathers, including Jefferson. 

The second time was in a debate with the president of Freedom from Religion Foundation, Annie Laurie Gaylor.  She hung up on me after I performed a bait-and-switch on her.  I gave her the ‘actions’ of Sarah Palin as sitting governor of Alaska and allowed Ms. Gaylor to rail against how unconstitutional they were, utilizing the state to further religious principle and enterprise.  When she finished, I informed her that it wasn’t really Sarah Palin that had done the things I had described...it was George Washington.  She hung up.

It’s interesting, isn’t it?  Two times I’ve been hung up on, and both times have been when I’ve been quoting the Founding Fathers.  There’s a reason for that, of course.  Liberals are more than content arguing with people like Peter Heck.  It’s easy to paint me as a radical right wing religious zealot who is trying to make everyone conform to the morals of Christianity through the power of the state.  But liberals are far less interested in arguing with the Founders.  They know that any attempt to paint those men as religious zealots will backfire.  Most Americans are pretty pleased with the country they bequeathed us.  And it’s hard to argue with the prosperity their foundation wrought.


So instead, liberals have been on a decades-long quest not to argue with the Founders and prove them wrong, but to rewrite who the Founders were, what they believed, and what they did.  Hijacking the classic liberalism of the Founders and passing it off as the modern liberalism of the American left, they have attempted to blend the words and deeds of our national patriarchs with the cultural transformation they are attempting today.

If you want evidence, look no further than the inaugural where Barack Obama used the timeless principles of our Declaration of Independence, pursued by American giants down through the ages, to lobby for gay marriage.  To liberals, this makes perfect sense.  To the sane among us, it is an appalling distortion.  The audience on PBS’s The McLaughlin Group got a glimpse of both:

ELEANOR CLIFT: Well this is the problem that the Republicans face. If they think all these great issues of the day are solely the providence of the Democratic Party and liberalism, they are never going to win another election. I think the president did a great job rooting these ideals and these values in the great traditions of the past and references to the Founding Fathers, in talking what Dwight Eisenhower did and previous presidents.

MCLAUGHLIN: Hold on, Pat.

CLIFT: It was a stirring piece that will go down in history.

PAT BUCHANAN: If you think the Stonewall riot in a gay bar in Greenwich Village can be traced all the way back to Bunker Hill and the Founding Fathers, you don't read what the Founding Fathers believed or say.

Pat’s right.  And only if more Americans wake up to the reality that modern liberals despise the Founders and their values will we be able to stop the abandonment of the very principles they gave us...if we don’t, we can kiss the prosperity and blessing those principles yielded goodbye.

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