Thursday, 24 January 2013


Apparently I made some folks angry yesterday on the radio show – not with me, but by playing the montages of our supposedly mainstream media covering the second inauguration of The One.  It made several folks in the listening audience furious, actually.  I was getting indignant emails from folks livid over the fact that these fawning schoolgirls are sold to the American people as objective reporters.  One lady wrote this to me,

“I’m angry beyond words.  I can’t take it anymore.  I get so angry that other people who don’t listen to you or Rush or Beck or pay attention just lap this stuff up and think what they’re watching is the news!  It’s propaganda!  You said it best when you said this is exactly how the media behaves in a communist country when it is run as a propaganda wing of the national government.  My frustration is, how do we compete with that?!  Not enough people listen to talk radio, and when I try to tell them, they think that I am the biased one!  I’m about to go nuts!”

I understand the sentiment.  But let me humbly suggest a new strategy in dealing with our pathetic state run media.  Don’t fight them.  Don’t whine about them.  Don’t complain about them.  Don’t try to explain to people their bias.  This lady who emailed me is exactly right when she says that the person you’re trying to complain about it to – if they don’t already see it – is likely to come away from the conversation thinking you’re the radical or the “biased one.”  (Of course you’re biased...we’re all biased...the difference is you aren’t proclaiming to disseminate the news in an objective manner!).


No, our strategy should be a collective commitment to mocking them.  Mock them ceaselessly.  Make the idea of believing the words and the storylines of the mainstream media akin to being an ignorant dupe.  Laugh at the media rather than debate them.  Point out their fawning idol worship of people like Obama.  For instance, take this performance by Andrea Mitchell on inauguration day:

I just want to say, there were moments in this speech, but there was a theme, we the people go back to the Founders, think of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. There was an uplifting, beyond rhetoric, there was a theme of our job is not finished until our gay brothers and sisters have equal rights under the law. This was a bigger moment, I think, than a lot of people initially gave it credit for. I just think, with re-election, he is thinking much more broadly and much more inclusively, and I was very moved, just being up there in that frozen crowd, looking out over the masses.

Instead of debating her bias point by point, ask someone, “Did you see that pathetic Andrea Mitchell?  She was talking about how she was above the crowd with The Great One, looking out over the masses.  What are we?  The peasants?”  Subtle or not subtle, make belief in any credibility for the media on par with insanity.

When Al Roker almost messes himself (again) when he shakes hands with Vice President Biden, or when Wolf Blitzer almost falls out of the his announcer booth trying to wave and giggle at President Obama, mock them.  When Rachel Maddow smirks like a schoolgirl as she expresses glee at the sight of Barack and Michelle dancing at the inaugural ball, mock her.  When CNN reporters write letters to the President every day of his term in office, mock them.  When Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer can barely contain themselves as they celebrate the glorious ascension of The One to another term, mock them.

Sarcasm, parody and irony are powerful tools to help shape opinion.  If they media want to act like fools, then it’s time we help them develop the reputation of such.  That doesn’t happen if we merely complain and criticize.  It will happen if we take on the role of the rational and put the insane, drooling and obsessive media in their rightful place with a healthy dose of the mockery they have so richly earned.

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