Thursday, 24 January 2013


Yesterday I discussed the fact that Obama’s second inaugural address, though profusely praised as the equivalent of the Gettysburg Address by seriously deranged folks like Chris Matthews, was perhaps the worst inaugural speech ever written.  The reasons were manifest, but suffice it to say that calling your nation to rebel against God’s moral order is enough to earn that distinction. 

But beyond what was said, several folks are beginning to note what was not said in the speech.  For Americans out of work and/or worried about the safety and security of their jobs, alarm bells should be going off:

Many keen political observers have noticed the complete lack of a serious jobs plan, let alone an open and honest discussion about ways his administration can spur economic growth, in the president’s second inaugural address. In many respects, this comes as no surprise: the president ran a maliciously negative and unserious campaign that sought to destroy his political opponent at all costs. And it worked. But with another recession possibly on the horizon, shouldn’t this issue have been substantively addressed at some point during his somewhat lengthy remarks? The Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore addressed this question in a recent Fox Business hit:

“In the whole speech he didn’t talk about jobs, he did not talk about private business and entrepreneurs and the free enterprise system. It was a very pro-government speech. Now the president has a big challenge ahead because we still have a near eight percent unemployment rate...as you know the job creation rate has been about 1/3 to 1/2 of what you would normally expect during an expansion."

In fairness -- as the host points out -- the president did in fact mention the word “jobs” in his speech ... three times. But he delivered no serious proposals or blueprint to put America back to work. He emphasized, instead, the dangers of climate change and the moral necessity of investing in “green energy” -- not exactly what one expects to hear when 23 million Americans (remember that number from the campaign?) still cannot find a full-time job.

The author of this piece over at Townhall.com, Daniel Doherty, suggests that if the President doesn’t get serious about addressing the problem of joblessness and our stagnate economy – and if we, in fact, do slip into another recession because of his policies – that Obama might be remembered as the 21st century’s James Buchanan or Herbert Hoover. 


As nice as that would be for the President to be held accountable for his failure, I don’t see any reason to believe that a majority of Americans who voted to give him four more years will finally understand the error of their ways.  We live in a blame first society, and Obama is a master at placing blame anywhere but his own feet.  If the worst does happen to our economy in these next four years, I would expect that the worst that could happen for Barack Obama is that he would be remembered as the President who couldn’t quite pull the country out of the hole that George Bush and the Republicans had dug for him.  If only he could have had a third term!

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