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Thursday, 26 January 2012

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Fort Wayne, Indiana is abuzz right now with the horrifying story that the body of an unborn, aborted child was found in a strainer at the waste water treatment plant.  The general assumption is that this child was the victim of a chemical abortion at home (RU-486) and the mother simply flushed the tiny infant down her toilet once she expelled him.



What's amazed me is the reaction of so many folks who are shocked that this is the way it happens.  Responses like: "You mean the baby is expelled after RU-486?  You see body parts?  You mean we have babies being flushed through our sewers?  This is legal?"  Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.


This is the horror of abortion.  This is what the Democrat Party condones.  This is what those who vote for Democrats give their passive approval of.  This is the horror of what we regard as "choice" in America.  Here's the press release from Indiana Right to Life:

Indiana Right to Life will ask the Indiana State Department of Health to revisit guidelines for disposing of the remains of aborted children in the wake of yesterday's discovery of an unborn child's body found caught in the screens of a Fort Wayne sewage treatment plant.


"We don't know whether this baby was aborted and then flushed into the sewer system by Fort Wayne's local abortion clinic, or aborted at home using the RU-486 chemical abortion method, but both are strong possibilities" notes Indiana Right to Life President and CEO Mike Fichter.


According to responses to inquiries made to the Indiana State Department of Health, fetal remains prior to 20-weeks are classified as medical waste to be handled according to federal guidelines. Those guidelines, according to the national Environmental Compliance Assistance Platform medical waste management web site supported by the federal EPA, list various methods for disposing of medical waste including "Discharge in a sanitary sewer or septic system that is properly installed and operating in accordance with state and local laws."


"The horrifying fact is that abortion clinics in Indiana can use garbage disposals and toilets to discard body parts into local sewer systems," states Fichter. "The degradation of the disposal process is second only to the degradation of destroying these lives in the first place."


Fichter notes that the Fort Wayne baby may also have been aborted at home by a woman using the RU-486 chemical abortion method and subsequently flushed down a toilet.  "A woman who has an RU-486 abortion is given a drug that kills her unborn child, followed by another powerful drug that causes cramping, bleeding, and the expulsion of the child," says Fichter.  "The abortion clinics do not prepare women for the trauma of delivering a recognizable baby at home, only to flush that baby down the toilet."


"It is appalling that we even need to address this issue", says Fichter. "But when you realize that Indiana is giving the option of treating aborted children like common sewage, something needs to be done. The discovery of this little body in Fort Wayne should be a wake up call for us all."

On today's show, I invited the communications director of Indiana Right to Life, Cathie Humbarger, on to talk about this story and the horrified reaction it has produced in Fort Wayne...and the horrified reaction it should produce in us all.


Hear the full interview here or at the link above.

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This is what happens when you spread FEAR. Young people especially are afraid to be open with their parents and church because you all teach that abstinence is the only way. You do not address the natural sexual feelings that come with hormone production in teenagers!
Posted by Honestreligion on 01/27/2012 09:47:32
Shame on you for vilifying this woman without knowing the entire story. This could have just as easily been a miscarriage. I know, I've had the misfortune of 5 miscarriages. Most of mine were flushed down the drain because what else can you do? Don't be so quick to judge, instead if you are really concerned/upset/horrified....pray for the woman to find peace however she ended up in her situation.
Posted by M on 01/28/2012 09:41:27
M, sorry to hear about your tragic miscarriages. Why do you mourn for them? Because they were human lives lost. That's what makes the murder of those innocent human lives revolting. The in-tact nature of this baby make it almost certain it was the victim of a chemical abortion. Given your desperate desire for children, you should mourn and condemn the intentional killing of a life more than anyone. Shame on you for not.
Posted by GD on 01/29/2012 13:01:38
peter heck you are just a mormon its not that i am 100% for abortion but WE should have the choise without any one else who tels us what to or not. Do you think that cary a baby from a raper is a thing that any normal woman wants ? Or when its a young very young girl its our decision not yours
Posted by Nicky on 02/09/2012 08:57:28

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