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Friday, 02 September 2011

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I really believe that the word "science" is quickly becoming one of the most hijacked words in existence.  And what the left has done to words like racism and bigotry (rendered them meaningless by consistently and persistently applying them to people and situations that aren't remotely racist or bigoted), they will soon have accomplished with the word science.


After all, the population can only hear that "science" confirms global warming or that "science" confirms Darwinian evolution so many times before they eventually start to get it.  The reality is that "interpretation of scientific data by those who presuppose man-made global warming" confirms global warming.  Or that "interpretation of scientific data by those who presuppose the non-existence of God" confirms Darwinian evolution.



But the left has conflated their interpretations of science with the word science itself.  Obviously this is done for a reason.  It's done to portray the idea that leftist beliefs are scientific, and anything else just isn't.  Hogwash. 


Along those lines, yet another attack leveled against Republican presidential front-runner Rick Perry has emerged:

To Time magazine, apparently, it's "weird science" to believe that abstinence is a sure-fire way to avoid pregnancy.

Writing about "Gov. Rick Perry's Weird Science," reporter Meredith Melnick promised readers a look at the Texas governor's penchant for "weird science" including his enthusiasm for experimental adult stem cell treatments -- never mind the mainstream media have for about a decade hyped the similarly uncertain promise of embryonic stem cell therapies.

It's a world turned upside down with liberals:  Encouraging kids to have sex by plying them with condoms is a good way to stop teen pregnancy.  Abortion on demand is a great way to cultivate the value of life in your culture.  And you know it's's all backed up by science!

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